Born in a graying suburb of fashion and style and design and stuck - up - is - cool capital, Milano, Davide Colla is one loud example of how being a dreamer and a nerd clash in today's world. Promising football player and steady junkfooder; Vintage collector and Mac maniac; slouch - on - couch devotee and workaholic, Davide's life was headed down the incoherence lane since his early years. Had he not started bouncing from London to Sevilla in search for something more, he maybe wouldn’t have developed his moody attitude... or the love for graphic art.

At last, the pieces fell into place and nights became mornings on Photoshop, and before he knew it he was graduated from European Design Institute and starting up his own free - lance activity - with a suitcase packed, just in case. Some years, a few agencies and awards later, Davide Colla is still spending most of his sleeping hours on photoshop. But mornings look quite different. On some, he drives up to IED, in which he now teaches Graphics, Webdesign, Digital Publishing and Art Direction. On others he’s exercising before a match of his football sala league. Most mornings though, you’ll find him at his desk in 150UP, the booming digital - branding studio in Milan, of which he is founder and creative director.

If you want to hear a good story, ask him - why 150?

thanks to federica goffy for the amazing bio and Riccardo Bianchi for the coding